Financing major discoveries at the Institute and helping its professionals

Manulife’s support will allow the Institute to finance major discoveries in heart health and pave the way for cardiovascular medicine in the future. It will also help our healthcare professionals treat more than 55,000 patients every year, making a difference in the lives of their families and the community.

“The Montreal Heart Institute can count on some of the world’s best researchers. Thanks to generous donors like Manulife, they can carry out research projects that will change the lives of thousands of people,” said Yannick Elliott, Vice President, Philanthropy and Partnerships at the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation.

“Manulife is committed to making decisions easier and lives better when it comes to healthy living. By raising awareness of heart-related health issues and risk factors, we’re empowering Canadians to make decisions that will help them live healthier, longer lives,” says Alexis Gerbeau, Head of Manuvie Quebec and Head of Finance, Individual Insurance, Canada.

Thanks to Manulife for helping sensitive hearts!

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