At the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation, we work hand in hand with a community of sensitive hearts who support our cause and give us the means to turn our vision into reality. We’re proud to showcase their achievements and pay tribute to these big-hearted individuals in our magazines. You can also learn more about our ongoing projects and the leaders who are going above and beyond in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. Happy reading!

Thank you to our partner Transcontinental for making the print versions of our magazine possible.

Edition 2024

2024 edition

Saving a life is not a one-person endeavour. Behind every heart that beats before, during and after heart disease, an entire ecosystem is at work. Selflessness, humility, ambition. These three words embody the work highlighted in the fourth edition of our magazine.

With Dr. Jean-Lucien Rouleau, Julie Todd, Félix and Annick, Frank Nguyen, Julie Richard, Isabelle Gauthier, Amélie Brasiola, Anick Lamontagne, Dr. Anita Asgar, Ian Mongrain, Dr. Marie-Pierre Dubé, Yves Roy, and Salvatore and Giovanni Migliara.

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Edition 2023

2023 edition

The third edition of our magazine will allow you to discover captivating personal and professional stories of generous people who are dedicated to building a better world.

With Ms. Kim Auclair, Dr. Michel Pellerin, Ms. Clarissa Nolasco, Dr. Julie Sirois, Mr. Martin Bernier, Dr. Philippe L.-L’Allier, Dr. Martin Juneau, Dr. Josep Iglesies-Grau, Dr. Marie-Pierre Dubé, Dr. Serge Doucet, Ms. Amélie Doherty, Mr. Hosham Ased, Dr. André Denault, Ms. Guylaine Banville, Ms. Martine St-Victor, Mr. Yannick Elliott and Mr. Murray Dalfen.

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Edition 2022

2022 edition

The second edition of our magazine looks at the future of medicine and profiles exceptional people who are turning our forward-thinking vision into reality.

With Ms. Mélanie La Couture, Mr. Louis Tanguay, Dr. Denis Roy, Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Mr. Denis Ricard, Dr. Judith Brouillette, Mr. Daniel Gagnon, Ms. Fabienne Larouche, Dr. Jean-François Tanguay, Dr. Philippe Demers, Dr. Louis Bherer, Mr. Pierre Michaud, Mr. Gilles Spinelli and Mr. Éric Cool.

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Edition 2021

2021 edition

The very first edition of our magazine offers you a backstage glimpse at the Institute and showcases some of the exceptional individuals who embody its vision.

With Ms. Suzanne Lévesque, Dr. Laura Vidales, Dr. Peter Guerra, Dr. Marie-Pierre Dubé, Dr. Lena Rivard, Ms. Sophie Desmarais and Ms. Caroline Dupré.

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