The Montreal Heart Institute constantly aims to push the boundaries of science and provide the best care and cutting-edge technologies to the 68,000 patients treated every year.

With a global reputation for excellence in cardiovascular surgery, the Institute invests in the best technologies and know-how to constantly improve the treatments it can provide. By investing in innovation and cutting-edge medicine, the Montreal Heart Institute aims to pursue its primary mission: save more lives and progress in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, the world’s leading cause of death.

Excellence in surgery

In 2006, the Montreal Heart Institute became the first centre in Canada to perform minimally invasive surgeries on patients suffering from mitral or aortic valve disease. The goal of this minimally invasive surgery is to replace or repair the patient’s mitral or aortic valve. This specific procedure’s objective is to reduce the number of incisions made. The patient does not have to undergo an open thoracic surgery, which minimizes scarring and improves recovery time.

Minimally invasive surgery makes an immense difference for the patient and has many benefits when compared to open surgery:

  • Less pain
  • Less per-operative bleeding
  • Patient can get out of bed quicker
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Quicker recovery and resumption of activities
  • Smaller scars
  • Less risk of post-surgery adhesion


Acquisition of the da Vinci Xi surgical robot

As part of its minimally invasive surgery program, the Montreal Heart Institute acquired a da Vinci Xi surgical robot to improve the efficiency of treatments and provide cutting-edge care.

Indeed, the da Vinci Xi surgical robot is the natural extension of the surgeon’s eyes and hands within the patient. It allows medical teams that manipulate the robot to carry out their surgery with unmatched precision and control.

It is easy to use and optimized for teaching and allows surgeons to achieve better results and gradually decrease the time required for the procedure. The surgical robot has resulted in major progress in minimally invasive surgeries thanks to a revolutionary anatomic access, a high-definition 3D view, and a platform designed specifically for state-of-the-art technologies.

The undeniable success of the da Vinci Xi surgical robot at the Institute

Since the surgical robot was acquired in June 2017, the Montreal Heart Institute’s department of heart surgery has carried out 140 minimally invasive valve and coronary procedures.

The robotic surgery program has reached a level of productivity comparable to large American cardiology centres. This is an exceptional achievement.

Today, two surgeons and five nurses have been trained to perform this kind of procedure. They can therefore operate the device and save more lives every day.

As opposed to most North American centres that have acquired a surgical robot, the Montreal Heart Institute is able to perform two types of procedures: valve surgery and coronary surgery.

Today, the success rate of robot-assisted valve surgery is 100%.

A centre of excellence in surgery

In order to become Canada’s leading centre of excellence in robotic surgery, the Montreal Heart Institute aims to continue investing in robotic devices and increase the number of surgeries possible. The creation of a centre of excellence at the Montreal Heart Institute will allow more patients to access safer, higher quality treatments.

By continuing to invest in robotic surgery, the Montreal Heart Institute has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading specialized centres to the benefit of all Quebecers. Because the surgical robot is being used more frequently, the Montreal Heart Institute must ensure to maintain an outstanding level of service.

The creation of the centre of excellence in robotic surgery will allow the Montreal Heart Institute’s team of professionals to leverage their expertise and continue to save more lives.

Project lead

Dr. Louis P. Perrault
Chief of surgery at the Montreal Heart Institute

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