Impact of your Donations

Over the course of the 2022-2023 period, the Foundation allocated a total of $21,945,883 to the Montreal Heart Institute.

Here’s a breakdown:

$17.4M for research
$2.1M for technological innovation
$1.3M for prevention
$1.1M for education

The Foundation is as vital to the Montreal Heart Institute as a healthy heart is to a patient.

Your donations allow our teams to achieve the three goals most critical to the achievement of our mission:

Advancing research

Cardiovascular disease is the number-one cause of death worldwide. To reverse the trend and improve the quality of life of patients living with heart disease, research plays a key role.

The Research Centre of the Montreal Heart Institute is one of the largest institutions to combine basic and clinical research under one roof.

The organization, which operates in more than 35 countries around the world, owes its reputation to its 564 employees and 92 researchers, whose hard work allows for the annual publication of 360 scientific papers and the success of its 10 research or endowed chairs.

The Institute’s research projects are carried out thanks to the invaluable support of its donors.

Improving prevention and care

The Montreal Heart Institute was the first hospital in the country to receive the Honourable Mention of Health Promoting Hospital by the World Health Organization (WHO). It also has a preventive medicine and fitness centre, known as the EPIC Centre, which is designated as the largest cardiovascular prevention centre in Canada.

As a hub in cardiovascular health, the EPIC Centre is dedicated to helping individuals with no cardiovascular history that wish to improve their overall fitness, as well as people who have experienced a cardiovascular incident in the past.

More than 5,000 members and 90 employees, including general practitioners, cardiologists, emergency physicians, visiting professors, nurses and nutritionists, work together to prevent the onset or recurrence of cardiovascular disease through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The Foundation makes a considerable contribution to the improvement of the care received by patients of the Institute. Your gifts allow us to:

  • Purchase better medical equipment;
  • Increase the precision and speed of diagnosis;
  • Develop minimally invasive treatments;
  • Better plan surgical procedures and reduce waiting times;
  • Treat more patients, and improve their quality of life;
  • Save more lives.

Training better medical staff

Teaching is a powerful, essential tool that enables us to provide an exceptional level of care, and state-of-the-art practices. In medicine, sharing knowledge and techniques is a sure road to a healthier society.

The Montreal Heart Institute, known as the largest cardiology teaching centre in Canada, recognizes the added value of rigorous training. The benefits that result from standardizing teaching and medical practices translate to medical teams that are able to perform better and more efficiently.

Each year, more than 700 health professionals hone their medical knowledge at the Institute, not to mention the more than 600 cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and other foreign medical specialists who have also been trained to date.

The future of medicine rests in the hands of future generations. To provide the necessary support to future specialists, the Institute has set up fellowship programs whose primary objective is to support efforts in cardiology, cardiac surgery and surgical intensive care.

Source of donations, by sector :

major and planned gifts
direct marketing
fundraising activities