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4100 Molson Street, Suite 340 
Montreal (Quebec) H1Y 3N1

Telephone: 514 593-2525
Toll Free: 1 877 518-2525
Fax: 514 376-5400


Montreal Heart Institute

5000 Bélanger Street
Montréal (Quebec) H1T 1C8

Telephone: 514 376-3330
Toll free: 1-855-922-6387 

How to get to the Institute?

From highway 40, take the exit for Pie IX-Viau then continue on Viau South until you reach Bélanger Street. The Montreal Heart Institute is located at the intersection of Viau and Bélanger.

You have three options for parking:

1. Paid parking at the Montreal Heart Institute

2. Street parking, subject to city parking restrictions

3. Paid parking at the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre of the CHU Sainte-Justine