How to donate

The heart is a generous muscle. By making a donation, you are helping us make a real difference in the lives of thousands of Quebecers, and keeping more hearts beating strong. Thank you for allowing us to pursue innovative projects.

Give monthly

Making a monthly donation allows you to support the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation all year long. Each month, a pre-authorized payment will be deducted from your credit card or bank account.

Make a one-time gift

Large or small, your gift allows the Foundation to help the Institute reduce the number of victims of heart disease.

Give in memory

A memorial gift allows you to honour the memory of a beloved family member, friend or loved one. It’s also a gesture to support an important cause.

Other ways to give

Make a planned gift

Planned giving allows you to provide long-term support to the Institute by including a donation in your financial, tax and estate planning. Making a legacy gift to the Institute is an act of generosity that will last a lifetime.

Gift of shares

It’s simple: a gift of shares allows you to make a donation that costs you less, because since 2006, capital gains are tax-exempt. This type of donation is ideal in the case of securities that have increased in value since they were acquired.

Give in honour

Would you like to make a very special gift to a person close to you who cares deeply about the cause of heart disease? Send them a card that includes a donation to the Institute.