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Popular ways of donating

Give monthly

A monthly donation is the quickest and easiest way to donate. Each month, a pre-authorized payment will be deducted from your credit card.

Make a one-time gift

A one-time online donation is a way to become an Institute sponsor based on your financial means.


A telemarketing campaign in collaboration with Public Outreach is currently underway.

One-time gift on behalf of a company

Your corporate gift allows the Foundation to help the Institute save lives and find solutions to cardiovascular disease.

Give in memory

A memorial gift allows you to honour the memory of a beloved family member, friend or loved one.

Memorial gift on behalf of a company

A memorial gift allows you to honour the memory of a beloved family member, friend or loved one. It’s also a gesture to support an important cause.

Make a planned gift

Planned giving allows you to provide long-term support to the Institute by including a donation in your financial, tax and estate planning.

Other ways to give


The bequest allows you to give the gift of life, regardless of your current financial situation, as well as potentially reduce the tax burden on your estate.

Gift of shares

It’s simple: a gift of shares allows you to make a donation that costs you less, because since 2006, capital gains are tax-exempt. This type of donation is ideal in the case of securities that have increased in value since they were acquired.

Give in honour

Would you like to make a very special gift to a person close to you who cares deeply about the cause of heart disease? Send them a card that includes a donation to the Institute.

Martial G. Bourassa Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund will support the most innovative and hopeful cardiovascular medicine projects aimed at fighting heart diseases. It honours Dr. Martial G. Bourassa's legacy in cardiology.

“Active-toi avec cœur” fundraisers

When the time comes to raise funds for the Montreal Heart Institute‘s mission, there are no limits to what can be done. No matter what you decide to do, the important thing is to choose something that suits you, and put your heart into it!

Facebook fundraisers

Facebook users can now raise funds for charitable organizations. This increasingly popular way of donating is a way to mobilize your community and support our most promising projects.

The Foundation’s newsletter

Discover inspiring testimonials, tips for keeping your heart healthy, and projects that have the potential to change lives.

The Foundation’s magazine

Go behind the scenes at the Institute to discover how we find solutions that improve the health of the general population.