When the time comes to raise funds for the Montreal Heart Institute‘s mission, there are no limits to what can be done. No matter what you decide to do, the important thing is to choose something that suits you, and put your heart into it!

Active-toi avec cœur

Use the Active-toi avec cœur platform to organize your very own fundraiser for the Montreal Heart Institute. The possibilities are endless. Go for it!

Create or support a fundraiser

Are you an employee of the Institute?

Organize a fundraising activity with colleagues as part of the MHI Employees Generosity Campaign.

I want to create a fundraising activity

Organization of an event

Are you generous and full of ideas? Be creative, all ideas are good! Contact us at evenements@icm-mhi.org to tell us about your project. It will be our pleasure to guide you to make your activity a success.

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Fundraising ideas


Sports initiative

Walk, run, swim, hit golf balls … Nothing inspires potential donors more than knowing you’re sweating for the cause and putting your heart into it!

Since 2021, Active-toi avec cœur replaces Cours pour le Cœur.

Artistic initiative

Do you enjoy photography or composing music? Do you capture life through your drawings? Offer your work in exchange for a donation to the Foundation. The feelings of the heart are always beautifully expressed through art!

Share my birthday

Have a birthday coming up? Why not ask for a gift to the Institute instead of the latest gizmo that you don’t really want and really don’t need? Ask your loved ones to warm your heart by taking care of thousands of hearts across Quebec!


Do whatever inspires you! The most important thing is that those who you ask for support are easily able to locate your fundraising initiative, and that are you are having fun and feeling motivated.


For all questions about Active-toi avec cœur, check out our FAQ.

For more information, contact Marie-Pierre Lafortune at marie-pierre.lafortune@icm-mhi.org or at 514 593-2525, ext. 3239.