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Simulation-based teaching: major benefits for patients

Foundation, in collaboration with Dr Serge Doucet, cardiologist and Director of Education at the Institute - September 21, 2020

Over the past few years, simulation-based education has become increasingly popular in the field of medicine. In fact, several articles have demonstrated its value and even suggested that it can reduce the number of errors made during real medical interventions. In this vein, the Institute’s Centre de formation et d’excellence en santé cardiovasculaire will soon offer new courses as part of its Simulation-based teaching program. Numerous healthcare professionals are already interested in the cardiac catheterization program.

5 tips for managing stress and maintaining a healthy heart in times of crisis

Foundation, in collaboration with Dr Judith Brouillette, psychiatrist - September 7, 2020

Did you know that stress has a direct effect on heart health? Though stress is vital for a healthy life, it can be harmful if it becomes chronic? Here are 5 tips to control stress and keep your heart healthy.

Colcorona genetic study: better understanding the symptoms of COVID-19

Foundation - August 24, 2020

The Colcorona genetic study is taking place at the Montreal Heart Institute’s Beaulieu-Saucier Pharmacogenomics Centre and is led by Dr. Marie-Pierre Dubé. This study invited participants who have already accepted to take part in the Colcorona study to voluntarily contribute their DNA. The study of their DNA will help researchers better understand why some patients develop a more severe form of COVID-19.

At the heart of the Institute: Dr. Laura Vidales

- August 10, 2020

Major advances in medical and surgical knowledge in recent years have paved the way for some significant accomplishments. Driven to be part of this advancement of knowledge, Dr. Laura Vidales decided to specialize in adult congenital heart disease.

Education: at the heart of the Institute’s mission

Foundation - July 27, 2020

Year after year, the Institute’s internationally renowned fellowship program welcomes over a dozen foreign medical specialists who wish to hone their skills in cardiovascular care. In addition to being an unparalleled personal experience for these health professionals, this complementary training program allows them to make a difference in the lives of the 68,000 patients who walk through the doors of the Institute each year.

BRAIN-AF Study: Reducing cognitive decline caused by atrial fibrillation

Foundation - July 14, 2020

BRAIN-AF, led by Dr. Lena Rivard, a physician researcher specialized in cardiology and electrophysiology at the Institute, is the first study in the world to suggest a link between atrial fibrillation and cognitive impairment.

Yoga and heart health: when namasté meets health

Foundation - June 26, 2020

A healthy, active lifestyle is essential for good cardiovascular health. For sports lovers, it’s simple: a little dip in the pool over lunch hour, a spinning session after work or a good healthy walk in the evening, and you’re covered. But what if you don’t have the interest or ability to do sustained physical exercise like cycling, jogging or martial arts?

The da Vinci Xi surgical robot: at the heart of success

Foundation - May 21, 2020

Through the acquisition of the da Vinci Xi surgical robot, the Montreal Heart Institute became the first medical establishment in Canada to devote this type of technology exclusively to cardiac surgery. An object of fascination and curiosity, the robot allows the Institute to work with next-level techniques and maintain its position as a leader in the field of precision medicine.

5 good reasons to give

Foundation - March 16, 2020

Why do people agree to give to an organization? Here are our top 5 reasons for their choice.

5 good reasons to choose monthly donations

Foundation - March 16, 2020

Here are 5 good reasons to choose monthly giving for your philanthropic habits, a way to give that is becoming more and more popular among donors.