Orderlies: pouring their hearts into caring for cardiovascular patients

Interview with Anick Lamontagne, orderly at the Montreal Heart Institute - Thursday 16 May, 2024

Anick Lamontagne spent 17 years as an orderly in CHSLDs and CLSCs, and as an in-home attendant helping with end-of-life care. She never thought she’d end up working in a hospital setting. But after five years in the Montreal Heart Institute’s Critical Care Unit, she can’t see herself working anywhere else.

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Katia Dekkers: 20 years of volunteering from the heart

Interview with Katia Dekkers, volunteer for the Foundation and the MHI - Monday 26 February, 2024

Ms. Dekkers is now 80. She’s been volunteering for the Foundation and MHI for nearly 20 years. During her time volunteering for the Montreal Heart Institute and its Foundation, Ms. Dekkers has made many friends. Her knowledge of the hospital and her extensive volunteering experience have helped her expertly navigate the significant changes that have taken place over the past few years.

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When philanthropy is a social responsibility

Interview with Murray Dalfen, Chairman of Dalfen Industrial and Major Donor to the Foundation - Friday 23 February, 2024

Murray Dalfen, Chairman of Dalfen Industrial, a real estate investment management company, is part of the Foundation’s valued family of major donors. He shares his personal story and why he contributes to the Montreal Heart Institute through philanthropy.

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Recovering from surgery together

Interview with Gaston Morin and Rita Pelletier - Tuesday 13 February, 2024

Fifteen years after receiving a mechanical mitral valve, Ms. Pelletier underwent three bypasses at the Institute. A few months later, Mr. Morin was also admitted to the Institute for a procedure to replace his aortic valve with a biological valve implant. 

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Nisha Kim: A Heartfelt Journey from Illness to Altruism

Interview with Nisha Kim, partner and the Head of Corporate Partnerships at Rush Cycle - Thursday 1 February, 2024

The driving force behind Nisha Kim's altruistic efforts is rooted in her personal experience of her child's battle with Kawasaki disease. Though her child has overcome the illness, the memories of those challenging days linger, leaving an indelible mark on Nisha's heart.

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The last meal

Special collaboration with Ms. Dulude, Head of the Food Services and Clinical Nutrition Department at the Montreal Heart Institute - Wednesday 20 December, 2023

The title is by no means meant to imply this will be a text with a religious undertone. It was simply chosen as a nod to The Last Supper, a piece of art depicting a meal that, with the inevitable looming, serves as a sort of profound communion, a collective rite emphasizing a connection with other beings and with the food itself. November brings with it a cold that cuts to the bone. But the activities related to medical aid in dying pay no heed to the weather. They go on year-round because nothing can slow down the march of time. After all, life and death are constants. 

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Who are the recipients of the Dr. Denis Roy Awards for Excellence?

Interview with Dominique Morency-Laflamme, Céline Auger and Isabelle Gauthier, recipients of a Dr. Denis Roy Award for Excellence - Monday 11 December, 2023

Dominique Morency-Laflamme, Céline Auger and Isabelle Gauthier are the recipients of the 4th edition of the Dr. Denis Roy Awards for Excellence in Cardiovascular Care. They are each in their own way very involved in the Montreal Heart Institute. They were all nominated by their peers for their incredible dedication and unique contributions. 

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Echocardiography: A window into what the eye can’t see

Interview with Dr. André Denault, anesthesiologist and critical care physician at the Montreal Heart Institute - Monday 20 November, 2023

Since the beginning of his career, Dr. André Denault, anesthesiologist and critical care physician at the Institute, has been interested in ultrasounds’ exceptional potential for treating patients. This world specialist in cardiac anesthesia was excited to speak to us about the practice he implemented at the Institute that revolutionized the way medical professionals around the globe make diagnoses.

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Maude Chayer, a Foundation employee who is running for the cause

Interview with Maude Chayer, employee of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation - Thursday 5 October, 2023

Before working for the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation, Maude had never been personally affected by heart disease. But at the Foundation, she quickly realized that a person didn’t need to have health problems to care about the cause.

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Emergency cardiac care: In the eye of the hurricane

Interview with Dr. Julie Sirois, Chief of Emergency Medicine at the Montreal Heart Institute - Tuesday 8 August, 2023

Dr. Julie Sirois was initially pursuing a career as an oboist, but instead became Chief of Emergency Medicine at the Montreal Heart Institute in 2021. This superwoman has much to say about her job and what it’s like to work in the emergency room at a specialized centre.

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