3 benefits of smart CPR manikins for professional training

Interview with the team at the Montreal Heart Institute's Training Centre

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Thanks to the Foundation, smart cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) manikins* were among the list of equipment recently made available at the Montreal Heart Institute’s Training Centre. 

The manikins’ Bluetooth connectivity enables training staff and trainees to obtain feedback and access accurate, real-time data on their resuscitation technique. 

There are several benefits to learning CPR with these manikins. Here are a few mentioned by the staff at the Training Centre.

1. Trainees benefit from extensive training and have a greater chance to save lives

Studies have proven that performing CPR is complicated. Even professionals miss their targets sometimes. The training team agrees: 

“Chest compressions are only effective with the correct depth and proper release. Performing CPR without any idea if these criteria are met may have an impact on the patient. CPR may not be as effective in these situations.” 

The training team says that the solution is to analyze your technique as early in the learning process as possible to ensure that you are employing the best practices from the get-go. 

“Speed is a good example. When people perform CPR for the first time, they have no idea at what pace to go. It’s easy for trainers to tell if trainees are going too fast or too slow, but that’s because we have experience. Feedback allows us to go beyond what we see and to make sure trainees are exactly on target.”

2. Training staff have access to everyone’s performance in real-time

Smart manikins provide trainers with all the data they need to assess their trainees’ technique. 

They’re able to view every person’s performance and, if needed, identify and immediately correct any flaws. 

“We were the ones who used to give feedback and that required us to have a really keen eye. Sometimes we’d believe that trainees were going too fast when in fact their pace was adequate. We now have an extremely accurate device that gives them feedback. We have quantitative data that allows us to see if trainees are meeting the targets.” 

3. Feedback greatly motivates trainees

Thanks to a connected application, trainers can visually show trainees what they should be working on. That makes it easier for those learning CPR to make adjustments. In addition to real-time feedback, the software can provide a report after the class so each trainee can get an overall score of their performance and understand what they should practice. 

“In the past, we’d make suggestions to trainees but sometimes they thought they were doing well and were reluctant to make any changes. These manikins leave no room for doubt. You can’t argue with a cutting-edge device!” 

These benefits heighten the trainee’s commitment to the practice as well as their drive to improve and succeed.  

*This type of manikin is a requirement for CPR and emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) training in Canada as per the guidelines set by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. 

By making a donation, you are helping to ensure that healthcare professionals receive cutting-edge cardiovascular training. 


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