Many people have chosen to make a testamentary donation to the Foundation. Find out more about what motivated donors Gilles Spinelli, Louise Chandonnet, Leonard Travis, and Jean-Pierre Quintin to plan their bequest.

Gilles Spinelli

Gilles Spinelli
First a patient, then a volunteer and donor, Gilles Spinelli has planned a bequest to give back to those who take such good care of him.

A bequest to an organization that is dear to your heart is an excellent way of paying tribute to your own values. “I’m proud to have made a bequest. It’s a way to leave your mark,” said Mr. Spinelli. He also considers it a good way to give because this type of donation doesn’t affect your day-to-day finances. It also allows heirs to receive a tax credit which can help alleviate the tax burden of an estate.

There are several ways to plan a bequest: you can leave a specific amount (specific bequest), an amount that remains after other obligations have been paid (residuary bequest), the entire amount of assets (universal bequest) or even the amount of a life insurance payout. Mr. Spinelli is relieved to know that his donation will enable researchers to continue to improve treatments for patients. He believes it’s a way to “help them help us.” He also thinks it’s important for him to support a team he admires so much.

“I’m telling you, there’s a sense of community there, from top to bottom. From those on the ground floor to the executives. The Institute is really a big family,” said the man who is now part of a prevention program at the EPIC Centre. And just like with any family, we want to ensure it continues to thrive after we are gone.

Louise Chandonnet et Leonard Travis

For more than 20 years, we’ve been followed at the Institute by competent, dedicated, and attentive physicians. Every time we visit the Institute, the staff reassures us and we always leave our appointments with peace of mind. Every member of the team strives to find the best possible treatments. They make sure to get to the bottom of every issue to find the right solution.

The Institute is incredible! They go above and beyond for us, and they always provide excellent services to their patients.

The Institute’s Foundation has also been a big part of our lives. They’re always available to advise us, guide us, and answer all our questions. They are professional, organized, and honest. We know that the funds they oversee are in good hands.

We’re aware of how lucky we are to be taken care of by the best of the best. That’s why we’ve decided to make a testamentary donation to the Institute. We know our money will be put to good use.
Everyone should think about donating in this way to support a world-class institution.

Jean­‑Pierre Quintin

Cardiovascular diseases are the world’s leading cause of death. Thanks to the Montreal Heart Institute, more than 68,000 patients are treated every year and can enjoy a better quality of life. Jean-Pierre Quintin is one of these patients.

“The Institute saved my life, and I am extremely grateful. What I appreciated the most is that their teams talk with each other and help each other out. It’s a friendly place, so much so that you forget you’re ill. I’m monitored by dedicated professionals who care about my well-being.”

Convinced about the importance of care, research, teaching, and prevention, and in order to live up to his values, Mr. Quintin has chosen to make a bequest to support the Institute that has changed his life.

“I decided to make a bequest to the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation to ensure everyone who provides exceptional care to patients can continue to pursue their projects.”