Philanthropy plays an immense role in the health care sector. Year after year, our donors enable us to finance cutting-edge research projects and change lives. Thanks to their support, we’re able to accomplish remarkable feats and to pursue our fight against cardiovascular diseases, the world’s leading cause of death.

Why you should support sensitive hearts

Our hearts go through so much during our lifetimes. Every year, the Montreal Heart Institute cares for the hearts of thousands of Quebecers. But to do so, it needs big hearts like yours. By planning to leave a donation or by donating to the Foundation today, you help us provide precision medicine to our patients while laying the groundwork for the future of the Institute.


Why you should consider a testamentary donation

A testamentary donation is way to ensure your values live on, to show your commitment to the cause, and to leave your mark on the history of the Institute. Leaving a bequest to the Montreal Heart Institute will also ensure it can provide the most cutting-edge care to future generations.

My naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of your will, you will be supporting a cause that is dear to your heart while alleviating the tax burden on your heirs. There are myriad benefits to this type of donation, no matter your current financial situation.

Please let us know if you’ve already included the Montreal Heart Institute in your will. Rest assured this is non-binding and your last wishes will remain confidential. We’d simply like to thank you and acknowledge your outstanding contribution to the future of our cause.

How to make a donation

  • Consult your notary and financial advisor to update your documents and plan your bequest.
  • Add the testamentary provision to your will that corresponds to the type of donation you’d like to leave.
  • Contact the Foundation to notify us of your intentions so we can thank you.



Thank you to our visionaries who have planned to make a bequest to the Foundation

Visionaries are members of our community of donors who want to make a donation that is greater than what they are currently able to donate. Thank you to our 82 visionary donors who have planned a bequest. We can all be visionaries. Planning a future donation to the Foundation helps us provide the best care possible to future generations.

Read the testimonials of visionaries


Gilles Spinelli

Gilles Spinelli, visionary donor


The Foundation is as vital to the Montreal Heart Institute as a healthy heart is to a patient. Donors play a key role in the fight against cardiovascular diseases

Find out the impact of your donations


If you are considering making a testamentary donation, please contact Mélissa Brinant, Advisory Director, Major and Planned Gifts, at 514 593-2525, ext. 3307, or at

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