TD Bank Group

- Friday 10 September, 2021

The EPIC Centre’s innovative COVEPIC (Cognitive and spOrt Virtual EPIC training) project offers virtual at-home training programs to adults 50 years and over who are at risk of physical and cognitive decline. In 2020, a…

TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

- Wednesday 26 May, 2021

The EPIC Centre’s innovative COVÉPIC project will offer at-risk adults aged 50 and over access to virtual cognitive and physical training programs from the comfort of their own home. A pilot project with 100 participants…

iA Financial Group

- Wednesday 5 May, 2021

Thank you to iA Financial Group for their generous donation! This philanthropic investment will support the BRAIN-AF research project, the world’s first clinical study assessing a treatment to prevent cognitive decline in young patients affected by…

Canadian Pacific

- Thursday 25 February, 2021

The Montreal Heart Institute Foundation is proud to announce a donation of $ 50,000 from Canadian Pacific (CP) as part of its CP Has Heart campaign to acquire a DNA sequencer. This state-of-the-art device will, among other…


- Wednesday 11 November, 2020

Manulife’s support will allow the Institute to finance major discoveries in heart health and pave the way for cardiovascular medicine in the future. It will also help our healthcare professionals treat more than 55,000 patients…


- Friday 11 September, 2020

Michel Lepage, Mélanie La Couture, Dr Louis Bherer, Josée Darche, Dr Martin Juneau

Godin Family Foundation

- Wednesday 29 April, 2020

The Godin Family Foundation’s precious donations help us support hearts. Thank you for making the BRAIN-AF research project ($1 million) that fights cardiovascular disease and cognitive disorders possible and thank you for believing in Colcorona…

J.-Louis Lévesque Foundation

- Wednesday 29 April, 2020

Through its contribution, the J.-Louis Lévesque Foundation concretely supports the discovery of innovative treatments and invests in the most promising areas.

Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation

- Wednesday 29 April, 2020

John Parisella, Yves Beauchamp, Dr. Guy Breton, Marie-Josée Coutu, Dr. Louis Paul Perrault, Lise Watier, Serge Rocheleau Mélanie La Couture, Dr. Denis Roy, Dr. Hélène Boisjoly

Annick-Isabelle Marcoux

- Wednesday 29 April, 2020

Leonard Schlemm, Annick-Isabelle Marcoux and Dr. Martin Juneau