Go behind the scenes at the Institute

Launching the first-ever issue of the Foundation’s magazine

At the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation, we collaborate every day with a community of sensitive hearts. All are big-hearted individuals committed to improving the lives of people with cardiovascular disease, including:

  • Experts who push the limits of science and innovation without ever losing sight of the human element at the core of their work
  • Local partners who give generously to protect the most vulnerable
  • Professionals on the front line who are there, in the heat of the action, providing exceptional care
  • Compassionate donors and volunteers who support our Institute

Throughout this year where challenges seemed to multiply, they showed more determination and courage than ever.

It’s therefore with great pride that we acknowledge their contribution by paying tribute to a few of them in this very first issue of the Montreal Heart Institute magazine.

You will discover some of our current projects as well as key figures who are contributing to the ongoing fight against heart disease.

Happy reading!

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Thank you to our partner Transcontinental who has made the print edition of this magazine possible.

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