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How do I buy a ticket for one of the Foundation’s events?

You can reserve your tickets online on the pages of our events.


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Where can I see photos of your events?

Photos of our events are available on our Events page as well as on the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation Facebook page.

What visibility do you offer to event partners?

A partnership/sponsorship plan is available for each of our events.


Interested in partnering with one of the Foundation’s events? Please contact Marie-Pierre Lafortune at or at 514 376-3330, ext. 3239.

How do I organize an event or fundraising activity to benefit the Foundation?

The Active-toi avec cœur program allows anyone to easily organize the fundraiser of their choice.


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For more information, contact Marie-Pierre Lafortune at or 514 376-3330, ext. 3239.

How can I volunteer at the Foundation?

Many opportunities for volunteering with the Foundation are available, from helping with administrative work to participating in events. Send us your application by email, at

How can I get one of the Foundation’s promotional objects?

Our promotional objects are available for sale at the Montreal Heart Institute store, located on the second floor, in front of the elevators.