Who are the recipients of the Dr. Denis Roy Awards for Excellence?

Interview with Dominique Morency-Laflamme, Céline Auger and Isabelle Gauthier, recipients of a Dr. Denis Roy Award for Excellence

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Dominique Morency-Laflamme, clinical advisor, emergency department; Céline Auger, nurse specializing in monitoring electrophysiology procedures; and Isabelle Gauthier, spiritual care advisor are the recipients of the 4th edition of the Dr. Denis Roy Awards for Excellence in Cardiovascular Care. 

They are each in their own way very involved in the Montreal Heart Institute. They were all nominated by their peers for their incredible dedication and unique contributions. 

An opportunity to acknowledge teamwork

The recipients all state that teamwork is an essential part of their day-to-day tasks. 

For instance, Isabelle believes her tasks to support patients are an extension of the nursing profession.  

“They all want to be able to listen to their patients, but they are overworked. Whenever I get called in, I get there immediately which helps to relieve the health care teams. They know that the needs of their patients will be taken care of.” 

Dominique and Céline both agree: teamwork is crucial. Care providers are a tight-knit group because without each other, it would be impossible to deliver high-quality care. 

“We always provide a lot of feedback when emergency situations occur to try to figure out what went well, what didn’t go as planned. What are the key messages to keep in mind? How can we improve? That way, teams can go home at the end of their shifts with peace of mind.” — Dominique Morency-Laflamme 

Recognition for hard work

All three recipients say that it feels good to be recognized for jobs they love but ones that are demanding and require self-sacrifice. 

“In situations requiring emergency resuscitation, we’ll be speaking loudly and giving orders in an assertive way. That can be overwhelming for a new nurse, making them feel like they’re not doing an adequate job. When a resuscitation is about to take place, my duty as an advisor is to support new nurses so they feel more at ease.” — Dominique Morency-Laflamme   

In addition to monitoring patients after an electrophysiology procedure to allow them to quickly recover, Céline Auger’s duties also include supporting patients and their families when post-surgery complications occur. 

“Even after 32 years of nursing, the best gift I can receive is the smile of a patient when they leave the MHI after treatment. Receiving the Dr. Denis Roy Award for Excellence is an incredible honour and an accomplishment that serves as confirmation that my practice – which has always been focused on providing high-quality care and ensuring the satisfaction of patients in collaboration with their families – is appreciated.” – Céline Auger 

For Isabelle, this award represents an opportunity to highlight her profession, a profession that remains slightly mysterious, even for some of her colleagues at the Institute.  

“The real goal is to provide moral support, assistance when patients are confronted with existential questions. Even though we cannot literally treat the physical wound, we can provide a bit of comfort. Being with patients and providing them heartfelt support is very important.” – Isabelle Gauthier 

On a more personal note, each recipient views this recognition as a reward that encourages them to maintain their level of involvement. 

“I’m always going to keep this award near my heart and think of it when I have doubts because my job is very difficult. This is a confirmation that my peers believe in what I do.” – Isabelle Gauthier

The Dr. Denis Roy Awards for Excellence in Cardiovascular Care are made possible thanks to the support of generous donors. Want to encourage excellence at the MHI? Donate today.


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