Continuing the battle against type 2 diabetes during a pandemic

Foundation - Monday 19 April, 2021

If you could reverse your type 2 diabetes diagnosis through exercise and healthy eating, would you do it? That was the challenge taken up by patients of the Diabetes Prevention Clinic sponsored by Sun Life at the Montreal Heart Institute in 2018.

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Preventing cognitive decline caused by atrial fibrillation

Foundation, in collaboration with Dr. Lena Rivard, electrophysiologist and cardiology researcher at the Institute - Monday 12 April, 2021

Dr. Lena Rivard and her colleagues Dr. Denis Roy and Dr. Paul Khairy, physician researchers in cardiology and electrophysiologists at the Montreal Heart Institute, are leading BRAIN-AF, the world’s first study that seeks to demonstrate a link between atrial fibrillation and cognitive decline in young patients.

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When reality exceeds your wildest dreams

Foundation, in collaboration with Caroline Dupré, a nurse at the Institute’s transplant clinic - Friday 9 April, 2021

Even as a child, Caroline Dupré knew she wanted to be a nurse. “Taking care of people is what’s most important to me. When I was small, I carried around a little doctor’s bag and put bandages on my dolls. You could say I figured out pretty early on that I wanted to work in a hospital.” Growing up, she set her sights on working at the Montreal Heart Institute, a dream that quickly came true.

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A woman of heart and conviction

Foundation - Sunday 4 April, 2021

Of her own accord, the philanthropist found herself at the epicentre of international initiatives to advance the COLCORONA clinical trial, along with Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif. Passionate and driven by a genuine desire to save lives, she joined the battle just like she has for countless other causes.

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Building the Institute of tomorrow

Foundation, in collaboration with Dr. Peter Guerra, Chief of Medicine and Cardiology at the Montreal Heart Institute - Monday 29 March, 2021

“Peter, there’s a cardiac arrest in the ER. C’mon, let’s go!” When Dr. Peter Guerra worked in internal medicine, a senior resident grabbed him to help out with an emergency cardiac procedure. As is often the case when the heart is involved, someone’s life was on the line. At that exact moment, he knew he had found his calling.

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Friendship can work miracles

Foundation, in collaboration with Suzanne Lévesque, President of the Jean-Louis Lévesque Foundation - Friday 19 March, 2021

Her thirst for knowledge and innovation is an endless source of inspiration. She reads everything she’s sent, speaks personally to the researchers who receive support from the Foundation, and learns something new every day. “My role allows me to keep a finger on the pulse of the community, which I find very exciting,” she explained.

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The creativity needed to innovate

Foundation, in collaboration with Dr. Marie-Pierre Dubé, Director of the MHI’s Beaulieu-Saucier Pharmacogenomics Centre - Wednesday 17 March, 2021

As Director of the Université de Montréal’s Beaulieu-Saucier Pharmacogenomics Centre at the Montreal Heart Institute for nearly 10 years now, she oversees a team of some 20 experts and wears several hats, including researcher, associate professor and scientific author. She loves her work and enjoys sharing that passion with others.

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The value of research

Foundation, in collaboration with Dr. Lena Rivard, electrophysiologist and cardiology researcher at the Institute - Tuesday 16 March, 2021

Dr. Lena Rivard is an electrophysiologist andcardiology researcher at the Montreal Heart Institute. An associate professor and research scholar, she’s always been fascinated by the heart, as well as by the quest for answers.

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The right nutrition: making a big difference in preventing heart disease

Foundation, in collaboration with Élise Latour, nutritionist at the EPIC Centre - Thursday 11 March, 2021

Élise Latour is a nutritionist at the Montreal Heart Institute’s EPIC Centre who embraced the Institute’s cause more than three decades ago. She shares the ins and outs of her profession and how she helps EPIC Centre members in their quest for a healthy lifestyle.

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10 accessories to help you work out at home

Foundation - Monday 1 March, 2021

Working out at home is a good option for anyone who wants to exercise more. Online training programs are becoming more and more popular so you’re sure to find the one that suits you. Here are 10 accessories to make working out at home more fun and to help you stay motivated!

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