Prevention: the key to a healthy heart and a healthy Quebec

Dr. Philippe L.-L'Allier, Director of Prevention at the Montreal Heart Institute, and Yannick Elliott, Vice President, Philanthropy and Partnerships at the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation - Friday 17 February, 2023

During Heart Month, we are coming together as one with a clear message: preventive medicine makes a huge difference and it’s time to rally around this approach.

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Carole Gray: a reassuring presence

Foundation - Monday 6 February, 2023

Carole Gray was hired to be a receptionist at the Foundation 34 years ago. She had no idea just how big her adventure was going to be. Now, as a stewardship advisor, she’s able to witness all the ways in which the Montreal Heart Institute positively impacts people. She tells us about the importance of lending an ear and the new ways to support the cause.

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Raising funds for a friend: Robert Cressaty’s way of paying it forward

Foundation - Friday 13 January, 2023

After the third period of a hockey game, Brad decided to get off the ice and stay on the bench because he didn’t feel well. When the game was over, he went to lie down in the locker room because he felt a severe back pain. Once he went home, he put ice on his back to relieve the pain and decided to sleep it off. He didn’t wake up the next day.

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Dreaming of a bright future

Foundation - Friday 14 October, 2022

Interview on the future of cardiovascular medicine with Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Director of the Montreal Heart Institute’s Research Centre.

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A glimpse at the future of research

Foundation - Friday 26 August, 2022

What will the Institute’s researchers be working on in the coming years? David Rhainds, Deputy Director of the Montreal Heart Institute’s Research Centre, shares an overview of upcoming projects.

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Waiting for a new heart while raising funds for the cause

Foundation - Friday 12 August, 2022

Éric Cool has been raising funds for the Foundation while waiting for a heart transplant. A profile of a man who is an incurable optimist.

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The relationship between mental well-being and cardiovascular health

Foundation - Thursday 21 July, 2022

While most health care professionals at the Montreal Heart Institute take care of a patient’s heart, Dr. Judith Brouillette, Director of the Psychiatry Department, provides care for their mental well-being.

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A tradition of innovation

Foundation - Tuesday 12 July, 2022

Interview with Dr. Denis Roy, winner of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Research Achievement Award and pillar of the Montreal Heart Institute.

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Dr. Walid Ben Ali: building the interventional cardiac surgery of tomorrow

Foundation - Thursday 7 July, 2022

A cardiac surgeon with an impressive backstory, Dr. Walid Ben Ali joined the Montreal Heart Institute in April 2021. Since then, he has been actively researching, creating, and perfecting tools that could revolutionize the world of cardiac surgery in the future. An encounter with an innovation enthusiast!

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A breeding ground for medical breakthroughs

Foundation - Monday 4 July, 2022

Dr. Jean-François Tanguay and Dr. Philippe Demers tell us how the Institute’s teams are constantly pushing the boundaries of cardiovascular medicine.

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