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The Montreal Heart Institute Foundation is a symbol of hope for individuals, and their loved ones, who suffer from heart disease. Scientific breakthroughs can now improve the health of these patients and extend their life expectancy.

Jacques Gendreau passed away in December 2020. He was monitored at the Institute for atrial fibrillation and a leaky heart valve. In order to thank the Institute for the excellent care he received, he chose to include a donation to the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation in his will. A heartfelt gesture that allows the Foundation to save more sensitive hearts.

​A donation that pays tribute to a life

Jacques Gendreau volunteered countless hours to his community. With his employer Hydro-Québec, he organized numerous festivities for kids during the holidays. He even travelled around the world twice. He was also an art enthusiast: he had discovered a talent for drawing and painting as a young child and donated his time to classical music organizations.

Mr. Gendreau’s family was able to enjoy many wonderful years with him thanks to the care provided by the Montreal Heart Institute.

​Financing research to help patients

The field of cardiology has progressed immensely in the last few years. Mr. Gendreau’s nephew Marc has witnessed the advances made in the decades since the days of his grandparents. “Both my grandparents had heart problems. At the time, there were two outcomes: open-heart surgery (when possible) or death. Your days were essentially counted.”

Marc’s father Fernand, Jacques’ brother, suffered a heart attack in 2010. He underwent two bypass surgeries. This type of procedure was not available decades ago but today it is a common, low-risk procedure. Shortly thereafter, it was Jacques’ turn to undergo surgery. He was also able to benefit from major advances in the field thanks to the generous contributions of donors to the Foundation.

​Leaving your mark with a bequest

After a conversation with his nephew Marc, Jacques Gendreau decided to plan his generous donation. Marc mentioned how his employer, National Bank, was committed to driving change in the community through donations. This inspired Mr. Gendreau who wanted to give back in his own way to change the lives of patients.

A bequest is a simple, yet relatively unknown way of leaving your mark and allows you to make a generous gesture that is in line with your values. Mr. Gendreau naturally thought of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation when writing his will. Everything about the cause appealed to him: research, the well-being of the community, common values, and the excellence of the service provided. By deciding to make a bequest, he will be supporting the Institute’s mission for many years to come.

Want to leave your mark?

Just like Jacques Gendreau, you can leave a legacy that reflects what you hold dear. Furthermore, your bequest will enable your estate to obtain a donation credit which will lower their tax burden.

  • A bequest can be revoked and modified at any time.
  • You continue to use and manage the bequeathed property until your death.
  • Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the value of your donation.

Every donation is a message of hope for families affected by cardiovascular diseases. The Gendreau family is proof.

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