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Philanthropic culture is one of the positive consequences of a society that is open to the world. However, making a donation in support of a cause remains a very personal choice, and the motivations to do so can be multiple. If we cannot support them all, we generally decide on those that best reflect our values.

But why do people agree to give to an organization? Here are our top 5 reasons for their choice:

1. Giving makes you happy

Generosity is a chicken broth for the soul: giving makes us feel good. From a philanthropic gesture often arises great satisfaction and a sense of well-being. In reality, being part of a cause means making a difference and becoming a vehicle for change. That’s something!

Beyond the action, donors benefit from their generosity. Indeed, according to the conclusion of a Norwegian study, altruistic decisions have a positive impact on the area of the brain where reward signals are modulated. In addition to changing lives, donors see their happiness index increase along with their self-esteem. All the more reason, if one is needed, to dive into philanthropy!

2. Giving to save

Donations can take many forms. They can be unique, monthly, planned, made in support of a loved one, in connection with a fundraising event, at the cash register of a business, etc.

To encourage charitable giving, Canadian tax authorities provide donors with tax credits for the value of their donation. Several tax solutions exist and are not limited to the wealthiest.

For planned gifts, which include testamentary gifts, gifts through life insurance, charitable annuities, charitable trusts, or gifts of securities, your financial planner, financial advisor or notary remain the most knowledgeable professionals to guide you.

3. Support the cause you care about

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide? Your donations to the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation provide tangible support to the Institute’s health care teams and their priority projects, advancing medicine and improving patients’ quality of life. Whether you are a patient of the Institute, a loved one has benefited from the good care of our teams, or whether you are simply sensitive to heart health: there are many good reasons to support this centre, which is recognized throughout the world for its excellence. By making a donation or by participating to one of our charity event, you will also make your loved ones aware of the cause you care about.

4. Giving to accomplish the impossible

To fulfill their mission, some causes must deploy highly qualified resources. This is the case of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation, which, thanks to the generosity of its donors, invests in research, care, teaching, prevention, rehabilitation and evaluation of new technologies. The best talents are brought together and dedicate themselves to people affected by cardiovascular disease. Thanks to your donations, the most qualified people can make a difference in the lives of the 68,000 patients followed annually at the Institute. Your commitment makes all the difference!

5. Giving means getting involved

We said it earlier: giving is a personal and intimate gesture. However, by supporting an organization, you are taking on its mission, and making its achievements possible. Donating to the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation means affirming that you are committed to cardiovascular health and that everything in our power should be done to slow the progression of cardiovascular disease. Your trust allows us to bring your donations to life.

Do you want to help patients and health care at the Institute?

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