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You want an easy way to support the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation. Have you ever thought about monthly donations?

Here are 5 good reasons to choose monthly giving for your philanthropic habits, a way to give that is becoming more and more popular among donors.

1. A way to manage your finances in a more informed way

Monthly donations make it possible to make accurate projections of the donations that will be allocated over the year. These can easily fit into your budget, rather than being condensed into a single time of the year, and it won’t cost you a penny more. As giving makes you happy, you will have 12 good reasons in the year to experience a feeling of happiness and pride!

The flexibility of this program is one of our priorities. This means you can stop or suspend your monthly donations at any time if you wish.

2. Support the organization of your choice in a simple way

It’s easy to make a monthly donation to the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation. Simply determine the monthly amount you wish to give, visit our monthly gift page, and provide the required information. Your credit card will then be charged monthly, and you will receive a one-time cumulative tax receipt at the end of the year. Doesn’t get easier! Your donations will make a huge difference in the lives of the 55,000 patients followed annually at the Institute.

3. A more ecological way to give

With monthly donations, you will no longer receive solicitations by mail, and will no longer need to write cheques! This saves a significant amount of paper, making your donation more ecological and, inevitably, more economical, both for you and for the organization you support.

4. A greater philanthropic impact at the level of your means

The recurrence of your donation enables the Montreal Heart Institute’s experts to take their priority projects to another level, and to provide the best patient care. Your philanthropic impact is greater than you might think!

5. Loyalty to the cause that is dear to you

As a monthly donor, you reaffirm your full support for the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation. Whether you are a patient of the Institute yourself, whether you have a loved one being cared for there, or whether you simply have a commitment to the cause, you know that every dollar makes a real difference, and that it is invested in the most promising projects, always with the health of patients in mind. Thank you for allowing us to go even further, and to treat patients with cardiovascular disease! Your commitment to the cause and your loyalty allow us to achieve the extraordinary.

Do you want to help patients and health care at the Institute?

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